Skate & Rays

Legally, the names Skate, Ray or Roker can be used to describe any species of Raja. The common distinction is that Skate has a more pointed wing, and Rays have a round wing, but they all look similar once skinned and trimmed. Skate are usually around 1m long, but can grow as big as 2.8m / 113kg. It is a unique shaped fish – neither round nor a true flat fish – and like Monk, is not prepared in a conventional way. Like Sharks and Dogfish, Skate have cartilage instead of bones. Skinned and trimmed pectoral fins – known as ‘wings’ – are the main source of edible meat, ranging from 225-800g. Small pieces of tail (Nobs) and the cheeks can also be used. The flesh has a sweet taste and can be pan-fried, grilled or poached. Try the classic recipe of Raie au beurre noir – Skate wings poached in a court bouillon, served with black butter, capers and parsley.