Salmon (Atlantic)

Incredible to think that this was once a luxury fish only available to the wealthy. As wild Salmon stocks decrease, the development of farmed Salmon has not so much bridged the gap, more like blown it wide open, making it very affordable and one of the biggest selling species – by a long, long way! It is fair to say that wild Salmon are better to eat. Available from February through to August, they are firmer, have more flavour, and in short supply – which is all reflected in the price. Wild fish have been caught as large as 45kg, but are usually up to around 15kg, while Farmed fish range from 2kg to 8kg. Certified organic farmed Salmon is available on request (ironically, wild caught fish are not classed as organic! What could be more organic than a wild caught fish?!). Whatever the Salmon, the most popular portion is the suprême – with or without the skin (though steaks are still used and are good value). Salmon can be cooked in most ways, with a vast array of flavours and recipes. It is also very good eaten cold with a flavoured mayonnaise, making it a good choice for summer functions.