Gilt Head bream

The most popular, and highly regarded of the Sea Breams is the Gilt Head Bream (also known as Royal Bream). According to Greek mythology, Gilt Head Bream was considered sacred to Aphrodite – the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture! A superb looking fish with bright silvery skin with hints of pink and gold, Gilt Heads are successfully farmed in the Mediterranean, giving year-round availability in consistent sizes from 300g to 1kg. The larger fish can be filleted, and its shape is also idea for butterfly fillets, which are great for filling with a pesto. Using dill or fennel will enhance the flavour. With its pinkish opaque flesh, the popularity of Gilt Head Bream continues to grow as a slightly sweeter tasting alternative to Sea Bass, and can be cooked the same way as Bass and other Breams.